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We all know why kids need tons of physical activity: it sets them up for a lifetime of good health and decreases risk for countless diseases and conditions (and helps them burn off their seemingly endless energy. Bring the whole family to your local YMCA for the Healthy Kids Day on April 29th for a free open house.

What happens at YMCA?

If you’ve never been, it’s more than an affordable gym with childminding (though that’s a great part right there!). YMCAs offer childcare, summer camps, community services, gardening, immigrant services, and important youth volunteering and counselling services. There’s Homework Clubs for kids looking for help to hosting Ontario Early Years programs.


Healthy Kids Day

Check the listing for your local YMCA, but there’s loads to do. Family dance parties, bouncy castles, child fitness classes, nutrition workshops, basketball obstacle courses, photo booths, lemonade stands, crafts, outdoor mazes, and pool activities. It’s all about keeping your whole family healthy, which is something at the top of our list for sure.


Check the YMCA of Toronto’s website for more information, and to find out what’s happening at your local YMCA.


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