Scandinavian Culture

When it comes to sleek design, fabulous fabrics and quality snacks, the Scandinavians have it down. Luckily, there are lots of places to get your Scando-fix in Toronto.

Fika Cafe

Hang out on of the best patios in Toronto. Enjoy a light lunch or baked good, along with a delicious Americano or cup of tea. The streets of Kensington Market are open to pedestrians on Sundays during the summer months.
28 Kensington Ave, Toronto

Beaches Bake Shop & Cafe

With a focus on quality ingredients, enjoy a delicious lunch, or snack at this hub of all things Sweden. Saffron buns, Semla buns and Kanelbulle can all be found in shop.Call in advance to find out which seasonal treats will be fresh baked.
900 Kingston Road, Toronto, (416)-686-2391


Situated in the heart of the Junction, this design shop houses quintessential scandinavian design pieces. The place to visit if you are looking to invest in true scandi design. Leave enough time to check out the other shops in the trendy Junction neighbourhood.
2959 Dundas Street W, Toronto, (416)-551-9853

The Finnish Place


Step into this shop and discover an explosion of the colours and designs of Finland. Whether you are looking for Marimekko fabrics, Iittala ceramics, Nanso clothing and much more. Check out the Finnish design items and visitors will even find Finnish snack items too.
7670 Yonge St, Thornhill, (905) 881-7677







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