6 Favourite Outdoor Ice Rinks in Toronto

Photo credit: CBC.ca

This is a cold winter! If you haven’t been out, grab you skates and head to one of these amazing outdoor rinks for a truly Canadian experience.

Dufferin Grove Park

Dufferin Grove Park is a hub of activity for this west end community. In the summer the park is filled with kids playing in the outdoor play space and in the winter the rinks comes to life. Bring your own skates and glide around the double rink facility. Visitors will find the clubhouse a comfortable place to get changed and the perfect spot to grab a snack or light lunch.


Evergreen Brick Works

Spend the day at Evergreen Brick Works and don’t forget your skates. Opening December 5th, this rink is perfect for beginner skaters of all ages. The trail of ice winds around planted gardens. Ice skate rentals are available on site and skating is free. Be sure to stop in at Belong Cafe and grab a mug of hot chocolate and a sweet treat.


Greenwood Park

Photo credit: CBC.ca

The first fully covered outdoor rink opened in the east end Greenwood Park. Visitors can now enjoy a leisurely skate on the 215 metre ice trail or inside the covered hockey rink. The new facility has a lovely changeroom space, with large windows overlooking the ice path.


Colonel Sam Smith Park

Another awesome City of Toronto run outdoor rink on our list, Colonel Sam Smith Park is a true jewel in the city. The skating trail is located steps from Lake Ontario. The Power House Recreation Centre houses a lovely changeroom/washroom space for visitors. Skate the completely naturalized ice trail…a real treat for skaters of all skill levels and ages.


Natrel Rink at Harbourfront

Enjoy a skate on the edge of Lake Ontario on this iconic outdoor ice rink. Skating is free, and there is a skate rental facility on site. Head to the rink on a Saturday night and skate to the beats at Harbourfront DJ Skate Nights.


Nathan Philips Square

The most iconic skating rink in the city. Located in the heart of the city complete with TORONTO backdrop, skate rentals available.



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