Holiday family photo tips from photographer Storey Wilkins

Image courtesy of Storey Wilkins Photography

Whether you prefer a natural, traditional family portrait or you’re more into creative photo shoots, there are a ton of awesome ideas for capturing your family’s unique personality and style. The best idea? Hire a professional photographer to get amazing family photos that you will display and cherish forever.

We asked gifted Toronto photographer Storey Wilkins about her tips and tricks around family portraits for the holidays, whether you’re giving it as a gift to a family you love, or booking a session yourself.

Image courtesy of Storey Wilkins Photography

Storey, do you shoot family portraits that people use for holiday pictures and gifts?

We certainly do!  Many of our clients use a photograph from a portrait session for their holiday cards.

We also have a range of beautiful and original products for our clients to display their photographs, which make for personalized and thoughtful holiday gifts. The mini accordion style stand-up keepsake album is a lovely gift idea if you wish to order several for different family members. Whereas the stylish image folio box, that comes with 10 matted prints, makes a beautiful gift that feels like a customized, one-of-a kind art-piece.

A beautifully displayed photograph of a loved-one is always a timeless gift idea. Of course, the gift of a family portrait session to enjoy together is the gift of a memory made together.

Image courtesy of Storey Wilkins Photography

The gift of a family portrait session to enjoy together is the gift of a memory made together.

What kind of shoot scenarios do you usually set up for fall and winter portraits?

As lifestyle photographers, we find the best way to capture a personality and dynamic energy of a family is to photograph them in their home or local park, away from the studio.

In the fall, we love to get outside to capture the contrast of the sun’s light against the beautiful, natural colours of fall. The late afternoon light creates a flattering glow and shimmer for picture-perfect skin tones and deliciously warm portraits.

Winter is a wonderful time to take advantage of being indoors and plan a portrait session at your home. Photographs taken at home capture a special feeling as it’s an important place for the family. Portrait sessions in your home help promote the casual, candid moments that we love to capture.

Image courtesy of Storey Wilkins Photography

How do you recommend families prepare for family and holiday shoots?

Clothing can be a great way to set a theme for a portrait session if you’re planning for something special.  A coordinated palette of two to three complementary colours that either matches your home décor or contrasts in a bright and vivid outdoor session can go a long way toward setting a mood and theme. We ask our clients to always remember to avoid logos and bold prints and patterns and stick to solid colours.

Image courtesy of Storey Wilkins Photography

We also ask our clients to schedule about 90 minutes for a family portrait session.  This lets us capture the perfect amount of images with a variety of poses.

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Voted one of Toronto’s Top Family Photographers of 2016 by Toronto Mom Now, Storey is a gifted photographer who specializes in family portraits through the ages and stages. Get in touch with her at to find out more and book a session.
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