Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers: 11-15

A few weeks ago we asked you to nominate your favourite Toronto mom blogger for our third annual Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers contest. You came up with a fabulous list of bloggers. We visited the blogs, and we deliberated over our decisions. We narrowed the list to 30 mom bloggers. Now we’re presenting the 2014 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers to you, in no particular order. Today we are introducing the next group of bloggers; 11 thru 15.

Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers: 11-15

Emma Finlayson of Strolling the City in Heels
Jenna Em of Snymed
Amy Worrell of Milk and Coco
Alex Katschilo of Northstory
Jesseny Rojas of The Empowered Momma

emma finlaysonEmma Finlayson of Strolling the City in Heels

Emma Finlayson, of Strolling the City in Heels, is working mother of one rambunctious little boy. She loves fashion, kids stuff, books, movies and wine… lots of wine. Emma strongly feels that a women shouldn’t lose herself completely when she has children and a job. The blog intends to show the balance between all the things that the working mom finds interesting, helpful and important. Emma lives in the west end of Toronto with her husband, son and their terrible cat (who they love anyway).

jenna emJenna Em of Snymed

Jenna Em is the mom to 5 great kids, ages 4- to 9-years old, a The Huffington Post writer, and owner of the blog!  Join her adventures relating to family, brands, entertainment, travel, and the Canadian experience.  Always lots of fun contests to enter too! 

amy worrellAmy Worrell of Milk and Coco

Amy is a mom of two tots under three. A previous city dweller in Toronto, Amy is now learning to adapt to her new life in the suburbs. Her blog, originally started when she was planning her wedding, has since evolved into a platform to offer advice and focus on her life with her family. On her days ‘off,’ Amy loves to head back downtown to shop and catch up with friends.

Alex KoschiloAlex Katschilo of Northstory

Alex from northstory started her blog to maintain her love of creative storytelling. It has since evolved into a haven of DIY projects, holiday and kids crafts as well as notes about daily life. She spends way too much time at thrift stores, has an affinity for making cards and always has time for a good beer with friends. 

jesseny rojasJesseny Rojas of The Empowered Momma

A little bit of this and that of being a momma, wife, published author, high performance trainer, holistic lifestyle coach and myself. Jesseny believes in empowering individuals by giving them the sense of ownership over their health and wellbeing. Keeping an uplifting spirit within the blog posts over at The Empowered Momma and motivation high as she encourages individuals into believing anything is possible. Her goal is to share helpful tips on keeping the family, household and yourself happy, healthy and SANE!!!  

Come on back tomorrow to meet the next group of nominees.

Jen Farr

In my "previous life" I was a mental health my current life I'm a stay-at-home mom with 2 beautifully adventurous kids. I share everything that lands on my kitchen counter over on my blog, Kitchen Counter Chronicles. Swing by and learn how we are greening their lives; what we are crafting; what we are cooking and what we are reading. While you will often find the girls and I inside the kitchen, you will also find us out and about getting our hands dirty, exploring and learning outdoors.

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