Where to Shop in Toronto: Halloween Costumes

Wondering where to shop in Toronto for the perfect Halloween costume? Contributor Rebecca Ruddle has suggestions.

The most important thing you need to know before you go out shopping for Halloween costumes is, what do your kids want to be? It sounds basic enough, but if your kids are anything like mine, this answer will change just about every day from June all the way up until mid-October. I recommend you sit down with them and sign a contract with a drawing of their costume – you need something you can wave at them as physical evidence on the day when they start crying about being Iron Man when they really wanted to be a Vampire.

Once you have everything signed and sealed, it’s time to figure out where to shop in Toronto to get it. My best resource for finding stuff is always other parents, so I took this one to the schoolyard and came back with the Top Five Places to Buy Halloween Costumes. I hope you’ll add these to your list of where to shop in Toronto this Halloween.

Where to Shop in Toronto this Halloween

Old Navy – OldNavy.ca

For cuteness and cozy protection against our Canadian climate, it’s hard to beat the costumes at Old Navy. I would recommend this store for babies and little kids. The prices are good and the costumes are well made. We’ve had a chicken costume passed on to us and have passed on an elephant one that we purchased. Those will go through many Halloweens and tickle-trunks before they wear out. My one criticism here and it is probably an industry-wide one is that some of the costumes are not gender neutral enough. One of my boys was really into ladybugs when he was four4 but the ladybug costume I found at Old Navy had hearts instead of spots and lacy frills. Note to major retail: boys like bugs too.

Walmart – Walmart.ca

This is where you’ll find your super-hero costumes, fantastic witch hats for you and dirt-cheap pirate outfits. I am always amazed at the vast quantity of costumes and it’s a good place to go if your kids aren’t really sure what they want to be. Let them pick out whatever they want and they can even mix and match a bit – always fun to see what they come up with. Ballerina mermaid anyone? You’ll find all sorts of great Halloween themed decorations and party supplies here too. I recommend Walmart if you want to get a lot of Halloween stuff on a small budget.

Pottery Barn Kids – PotteryBarnKids.com

If you want to spend a little more and get some really lovely things that will be kept, head to the Pottery Barn. Costumes here would suit babies and little kids although there are a couple of costumes for bigger kids. This is the place your princess fairy is going to flip over. The tulle and wings on the fairy costumes are just gorgeous. Good luck getting them off your kids after Halloween. They also have an adorable Lorax costume that your little Dr.Seuss fan will love. You can wander around the decor and pick up some fabulous raven-decorated pillar candles or perhaps a plant holder complete with ceramic skeleton hand digging its way out. The Halloween party supplies here will be used year after year. They’re not cheap, but they’re really great quality.

Value Village – ValueVillage.com

If you like to dress up with the kids, then this might be where to shop in Toronto as they have tons of adult and kid costumes for sale. Many of the parents I spoke to have been getting their fear-gear at Value Village year after year. Need to dress the pet? They have animal costumes too. The great thing here is you can get a whole costume or you can make a vintage creation all your own. Check out their Halloween website for excellent costume ideas and videos.

eBay – eBay.ca

If you like to shop online, you will definitely find what you are looking for on eBay. Right now, there are over 500,000 costumes listed on eBay available to Canadian buyers; of these 34,000 are for infants & toddlers, 46,000 are for boys and 62,000 are for girls. The bonus here of course is that you can threaten to list their favourite toys for auction if they don’t decide on a costume fast.

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Rebecca Ruddle

Rebecca is a Toronto born and bred mom of two young boys. She is always exploring the city looking for fun things to do, eat and see with them, without losing her sanity or breaking the bank. She blogs at Brain-Dead Mom.