Where to Shop in Toronto: Amy’s Place in the Beach

where to shop in toronto amy's place store frontWe all know the children’s story about the little engine that didn’t believe he could climb the steep hill. Then one day the engine is put to the test and and he makes it all the way to the top. Amy, the shop owner from Amy’s Place is just like the little engine. Amy’s Place opened up last December as a Christmas pop-up shop in the Beach community of Toronto. With each passing month the shop has been chugging along, climbing and evolving into a beautiful shop featuring the works of a variety of local artisans. If you are wondering where to shop in Toronto, I’m happy to introduce you to Amy’s Place.

All Things Beautiful

Amy’s Place is located at 81 3/4 Beech Avenue. Simply hop off the Queen Street East streetcar at the Beech stop and you have arrived. Before you even walk inside the shop you can see Amy’s love of all things beautiful. The garden, that Amy tends to daily, brings a breath of life to the street scape and pleasantly greets her customers.

Inside the shop you will find a uniquely, intimate space. Amy herself describes opening the shop as a very personal experience, “If you opened my chest, you would see this shop inside of me.” The shop is a realization of her vision and the result of her hard work.

Where to Shop in Toronto for Handmade Gifts

where to shop in toronto amy's place candlesNow, what can you buy at Amy’s Place? You will find Amy’s signature creation, delicately scented soy-based candles. Amy values beauty, function and the handmade…her candles are just that. Her candles come in a variety of hand picked vessels.  Amy’s Place has a few featured collections, including; 50 Shades of Pink, The Beach Collection, Romeo + Juliet Collection and Amy’s Place Original Soy Candles. Alongside the candles you will find lovely handmade jewelry from MaryAnne at My Beaded Design. MaryAnne creates sparkly pieces using primarily Swarovski crystals. You will also find clothing pieces by textile artist Elaine Feferman. Feferman repurposes vintage fabrics and laces to create totally new wearable pieces. The walls are lined with Amy’s graphic black and white photography. Amy’s Place also plays host to children’s workshops, women’s night out evenings and you will find Amy’s Place participating in many community fundraising events. The wonderful thing about this shop is that what you find inside is always changing and evolving…every visit brings a new discovery.

On a recent visit to the shop a few ladies stopped by to inquire about a skirt that Amy was wearing. The women had noticed the skirt from all the way across the street. Amy had acquired a serger, sewing machine, a few days earlier and had been busy making a number of patchwork skirts and dresses from vintage t-shirts. Her talent and creativity is truly amazing. This is how life happens at Amy’s Place…she fills her shop with beautiful things that literally stop people in their tracks. While every independent shop owner must feel as though they are perpetually “climbing the hill” Amy’s Place has quickly become a lovely space in the Beach where people can find unique pieces and a real sense of community. It’s worth adding to your list of where to shop in Toronto.

Amy’s Place

www.amysplace.ca | Facebook
81 3/4 Beech Avenue, Toronto, 416-725-0602

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