Toronto Mom and Gypsy Vocalist Delilah

Delilah and the Gift of Music

Toronto mom Delilah inherited the gift of music from her Gypsy parents, who immersed her in performing during her childhood in Hungary. Touring as a young child across continental Europe, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe, Delilah was immersed in Gypsy folklore and traditional Roma music. By the age of 10, she was singing and dancing with her family in a 20-member touring ensemble with one of Hungary’s noted Roma performers.

Politics and a Move to Toronto

The joy of music was overshadowed by politics. In order to escape racial tension in Hungary, Delilah’s family moved here to Toronto in 1998. Her two children, 13-year-old Jason and seven-year-old Jake, were born here. She loves the city’s multicultural atmosphere. She sees it as a fabulous melting pot of many cultures, all living together with a sense of camaraderie. And now she’s excited to be contributing to the city’s rich cultural scene with the release of her CD “Sweeter Life”.

delilah toronto mom music cd

A Family Effort

The CD is a family effort, with her sons taking part. Jason plays the drums, as well as bass and guitar. Jake plays piano, as well as being a talented singer and dancer. Delilah takes the lead, singing from her enchanted Gypsy soul, delivering the history of the Roma in the modern world. You’ll hear soul-spinning tales, and timeless vocals. Add in heavy-hitting producers like Grammy® nominated Vikter Duplaix and Canada’s top earning songwriter and producer Marcus Kane/Rane Parish, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Delilah shares, “Playing music with the family is a reflection of life and the feeling of being home. There’s a certain telepathy that happens with family. It’s like an other worldly experience.”

Beats for You

In another project, Delilah teamed up with the legendary Jim Peterik as writer and producer for the “Beats for You” EP. Jim Peterik is a Grammy® award winner, as well as an Oscar nominee for “Eye Of The Tiger”. This effort allowed Delilah to take her talents to a new level. Jim produced and wrote four songs for Delilah: “Beats for You,” “Love by Numbers,” “One Lifetime” and “Fascination with Fire.” Featuring simmering melodies and sexy undertones, the songs offer progressive maturity for Delilah.

Jim says, “Once in a great while, you find a voice with a certain ethereal quality that speaks to the soul. When I first heard Delilah sing I felt that. It’s been a joy working with this gifted singer and her musician partner Dave Sereny. As her producer, I am very grateful for the life she brought to my songs. I’m looking forward to the world discovering this great artist.”

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