Organic Food Delivery from Mama Earth Organics

Thursday is probably the most exciting day of the week in my house. It’s the day our organic food delivery from Mama Earth Organics arrives at our door.  When my kids get home from school on Thursdays, they head straight for the Mama Earth bin to see what’s inside. We’ve been enjoying our weekly family-size bin all winter, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the variety of fruits and vegetables we’ve received.

Organic Food Delivery to Your Door

There’s no denying that there are many benefits to buying organic food that go beyond the health benefits. But it can be pretty time consuming and costly to try to source out the best quality, selection and price of organic food in the city. Signing up for an organic food delivery program like Mama Earth Organics has made it much easier to find good quality and variety, which means a lot more of what we eat is organic. The contents of the box change weekly depending on what’s fresh and in season. I was surprised at how much fruit is included in the bin each week (we had delicious oranges of various types, a variety of apples and lovely fair trade bananas for most of the winter), and the quality and variety of veggies and leafy greens we’ve received has been pretty impressive.

How It Works

Mama Earth Organics offers organic food deliver all across Toronto as well as other parts of the GTA. To get started, you select the size of box you’d like to receive each week based on the number of people in your household. They offer boxes suited for singles ($25) up to a large family box for large families ($55). There’s an extra charge for delivery for the single box, but delivery is free for all the rest. Each week you receive a selection of fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables that have been sourced locally first. Where particular products aren’t available locally, owner Heather Billingsley sources them from as close as she can.

Your organic food delivery arrives in reusable plastic bins. Each week, you put out your empty bin and it’s replaced by a new one full of organic produce. With each bin comes a weekly newsletter (printed on tree-free paper, of course) with a few recipes that feature ingredients in the bin. And the Mama Earth website houses many, many more.

Organic Shopping All in One Place

If you’re interested in going beyond just the produce bin, it’s also possible to add a variety of other organic food items.  Heather has built relationships with a number of local vendors and food producers that make it possible to add items such as organic breads and cheese, free range eggs, organic honey and countless other pantry items. You can simply add the items you need to your weekly order.

The last couple of weeks we’ve enjoyed some delicious baby spinach in our bin. Soon we’ll be getting fiddleheads, and now that the weather is warming up, I’m looking forward to seeing what tasty new produce arrives at my door with my weekly organic food delivery.

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