Back to School with a Mackenzie Lunch Bag

On the hunt for the perfect lunch bag for back to school? We have a suggestion.

When I was little, lunch at school meant a brown paper bag and a piece of grown-up Tupperware that I often couldn’t open. I’d stare longingly over at Jenny’s Charlie’s Angels lunch box with the matching thermos and swear that some day I would have a cool lunch box. Well, it wasn’t to be for me, but now that I have two boys starting full days in school, they will live out my dream.

The Mackenzie Classic Lunch Bag

The boys and I have been testing out and loving the Mackenzie Classic Lunch Bags, one of four different styles of lunch bags from Pottery Barn Kids. There is a huge range of graphics to choose from whether your child loves sharks, Star Wars or owls and horses. We’ve got a fun dinosaur one for my six year-old going into grade one and a blue camouflage one for my four year-old going into kindergarten. You can also have them personalized with your child’s name.

Here are some of the facts on the bags from Pottery Barn Kids that we’ve been putting to the test for back to school…


“Made from rugged, water-resistant 600-denier polyester.” This lunch bag may survive my children. We’ve been opening and closing the zippers, taking them on picnics, pulling water bottles in and out of the exterior mesh flap and over-loading the interior. This bag is sturdy and strong.


“Interior lining made of PEVA, an environmentally friendly, food-safe vinyl that’s made without chlorine or plasticizers.” I have to trust the world of science on this one and I hear vinyl made without chlorine doesn’t leach chemicals.


“Features a molded interior so it’s easy to clean.” I made sure we spilled lots of stuff in there including juice and goopy hummus and yes, the claim is true. I also noticed it didn’t retain any food odours – definitely a plus.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

“Designed to fit Pottery Barn Kids Hot/Cold Food Storage Container and Spencer Food Storage (both sold separately).” I already had the Sistema sandwich box and Sistema dual snack box and they fit just fine with room to spare for a napkin, cutlery and small ice pack. You really could go crazy on the accessories here though – there are some great hot/cold thermoses and cute matching sandwich bags available that I love.

“Straps on the back of the lunch bag allowing it to piggyback on the Mackenzie Small, Large and Rolling Backpacks (all sold separately).” All of these items are adorable but we don’t have them and you don’t need them for back to school unless you are in the market for a backpack as well. I don’t think I would strap the lunch bag on anyhow as I find these little kids are already hauling enough pounds around on their backs without them. The lunch bags have a good, sturdy, comfortable handle so kids shouldn’t have any trouble just carrying them by hand.

Back to School in Style

Check out the selection online, in-store or order a catalogue. I think these bags look great, and are really good quality. Now I just have to fill them!

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Rebecca Ruddle

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