2013 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers: 25-30

In early June we asked you to nominate your favourite Toronto mom blog for our second annual Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers contest. You came through, we visited the blogs, and we deliberated over our decisions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve chosen 30. Now we’re presenting the 2013 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers to you, in no particular order. Our final group of six has been delayed thanks to the long weekend, but today we’re pleased to share these fabulous bloggers with you.

Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers: 25-30

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Catherine Romano of sweet spectacletop 30 toronto mom bloggers catherine romano

After embarking on what was to be a one year move to the US, Catherine Romano spent almost a decade living in New York City while pursuing a career as a performing arts manager and contemporary dancer. Since making a few of her dreams come true in the Big Apple, Catherine made a move to Toronto with her American husband and lively, 4-year-old son. Now settled in the city, Catherine is stay at home mom and works as a freelance dance writer and photographer. Catherine’s blog, sweet spectacle, is a collection of special moments, with the frequent appearance of her little boy, Julian.

Christy Laverty of FrecklesMom

top 30 toronto mom bloggers christy lavertyChristy Laverty has been blogging since 2007. She started blogging as a way to be more creative with her writing. As a broadcast journalist working in news she found it hard to tap into her creative side. After years of writing, this wife and mother of two, has turned her blog into a slice-of-life look at being a working mom, with all of its moments (good, bad and ugly) and milestones. Christy is a working mom like every other mom…busy, busy, busy. She is home with her two girls during the day (except when they are at school and then she gets to do all the important work, like write! Oh, and a little housework too!) and works in the media in the evening. Oh and in her free time (ha ha, wink, wink, like there is such a thing) she is a freelance writer, blogger and part time college instructor. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter, where she goes by the name @Imfreckles.

Jowita Bydlowska of JowitaBydlowska.comtop 30 toronto mom bloggers jowita bydlowska

Jowita Bydlowska is a Toronto-based writer, a mom of a beautiful boy and a bestselling author of Drunk Mom, a non-fiction book about addiction. You can keep up with her at JowitaBydlowska.com.

Lyndsay of ourfeministplayschool

top 30 toronto mom bloggers lyndsayLyndsay is a writer-mama who has left behind full-time teaching to become immersed in the arts of mothering, feministing and activism. She is a regular writer and volunteer with various parenting websites, including Natural Parents Network. Lyndsay is passionate about Gentle Parenting, Feminism and Human Rights. After traveling the world, giving birth in Brussels, Belgium, and marrying an English nerd, Lyndsay has settled in West Toronto where she writes ourfeministplayschool – a blog that stitches together ideas of mothering and feminism with larger social issues. She likes to challenge assumptions about women, beauty and mothering by writing about her stretch marksrunning a series on tattooed mamas and thinking deeply about how sexual assault can impact parenting. You can follow Lyndsay via Twitter at @HisFeministMama.

Janice Smith of Fitness Cheerleader

top 30 toronto mom bloggers janice smithJanice Smith, the blogger behind Fitness Cheerleader, is a working mother of 3 girls (ages 8, 6 and 2) who doesn’t believe that we should ever stop playing. Her healthy living/lifestyle blog focuses on encouraging others to live active, eat healthy and to enjoy life. She holds a degree in Kinesiology and a Certificate in Athletic Therapy so she knows her stuff. Her blog isn’t so much about weight loss but about being active, and leading by example. Janice is a half-marathoner and returning triathlete. We loved her honesty in this post about accepting your body and not looking like a Barbie doll. She is also very active in encouraging women to challenge their limits through her involvement on the organizing committee of the Ontario Women’s Triathlon.

Daniela Duriavig of Lifeovereasy

top 30 toronto mom bloggers daniela duriavigDani is an engineer who has the most fun when she’s engineering good times with her family. She has been blogging at Lifeovereasy with her sister for three years now, and loves to write about food, fun, and creating a happy home. Dani is into pottery and photography, has travelled far and wide, and has a habit of thinking she can DIY just about anything when she really can’t. What inspires her is finding ways to make life great, even in the smallest ways. She is a mom of two amazing teens, who teach her each day about the important things in life. If she could give one message to newer moms, it would be: “Relax…somehow it all works out.”

Amber Strocel

Amber Strocel is the Managing Editor of City Mom Now, the parent network of Toronto Mom Now. She is a writer, podcaster, ardent crafter and green mom, who believes strongly in the power of the Internet to connect and empower. You can follow her on her personal blog at Strocel.com.