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We asked for your nominations for our Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers list. We reviewed them all, and chose our top 30. Last week, we introduced all of our fabulous 2012 bloggers to you. And they really are fabulous. But don’t take our word for it – check them out for yourself:

Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers

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We consider every one of our Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers to be winners, and we’d like to honour them all.

Choosing the Top Toronto Mom Blogger for 2012

While we’re honouring every one of our Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers, we are also choosing one overall winner. Actually, scratch that. You are choosing one overall winner. After all, you are the people who read (and love) these mom bloggers. This week, we are asking you to vote for your favourite bloggers on our 2012 list. At the end of the voting period, we’ll tally it all up and announce the winner.

Contest Rules

Here’s how the voting will work:

  • Voting closes on Monday, June 4, 2012.
  • You may choose up to five of your favourite bloggers.
  • Everyone is eligible to vote only once.

Cast Your Vote

Your moment of glory has arrived. Cast your vote now:

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  1. This is the single best blog for any mother (expecting, experienced, longing, or curious). Also great for the Dad’s! If you only follow one blogger, make it Mayahood.

  2. Maya’s blog is informing and witty … a star piece from a woman who knows not to take herself too seriously!! Love it.

  3. One of the first blogs I visited was Everything Mom & Baby! Erica ROCKS! She is very personable with her readers.

    Lot’s of wonderful Blogs on here I have been following since I have been reading blogs!


  4. I love reading “Forever in Mom Genes” by Lisa Thornbury!!! She’s an amazing writer who writes about life with always a witty twist!!!

  5. Holy! I didn’t know there were so many awesome mommy bloggers here in TO.

    I’m not going to hold my breath for a site, but I will go through the entire list and check out each blog!

    Good luck to everyone.

  6. Just can’t get enough of Forever in Mum Genes ~ such great writing!

    Wonderful articles, graphics and clips on family life. Forever in Mum Genes articles are written in such a unique style ~ great humour, sensitivity, honesty and love. Vote for Forever in Mum Genes!

  7. Lisa Thornbury is the most amazing writer. She pokes fun at herself, does not take life too seriously and always has has me wanting more. Forever in mom genes rocks!

  8. is my fave mom blog! Terri really has great product knowledge for moms from everything to clothes, toys to best cold remedies!!! Way to go, good job to making top 30 blogs

  9. Reading Lisa’s blog forever in moms genes I just can’t say enough about the talent and dedication Lisa has.

  10. A gifted writer and one mom I know who is makes me laugh out loud, and cry too, with her funny, poignant blogs about the joys and heartache of raising a “special child”.

  11. Even as a dad, I still get a great chuckle out of Reasons Mommy Drinks. That’s where my vote is headed!

  12. LOVE has so much content and she is always engaged with her readers through social media! Hope she wins!

  13. Terri Krajden is an awesome mom and so deserving of this award. Please vote for my cousin Terri. Thank you. JoAnn

  14. Heather Hamilton’s “Telling My Story” is a true tale of courage, commitment, suffering and perseverence. Regardless of the results, this is a winner!

  15. So many great bloggers listed here, many of whom I know personally. Can you please also list their twitter handles? I’d like to make sure I’m following everyone!

  16. Reasons Mommy Drinks is parenting humour at its finest – funny, witty and oh so true!

  17. Love so many of these! Shout out to the Rescuing My Marriage blog though for such honesty and passion for telling your story and helping others through the devastation you’ve suffered at the hands of a maniacal mistress hell bent on ruining your life. Congrats to you both for pulling through, and for feeling so strongly about love and family to put what really matters first and doing the work. Nice read.

  18. Melanie Lam of Melanie OTG YOU ROCK! Thanks for all the great ideas on where to go and what to do in Toronto and the surrounding areas! You make my job being a mom so much easier! Keep it up!

  19. I love this blog. So many people have shared their feelings and it is so nice to know I wasn’t the only one to go through an affair, even though we ended in divorce.

  20. Reasons Mommy Drinks is more than just a funny blog! It addresses the ups and downs of parenthood in ways that is accessible to men and women, singles and mom’s alike – helping us all understand each other a bit better through laughter!

  21. I love it is the best! It features 3 of the top mommy bloggers including Mayahood, Melanie OTG, and Terri from Babylish Advice. It is the best resource for moms to get expert advice and they have an amazing forum called Pink & Blue on Facebook.

  22. Praying for continued healing via Rescuing My Marriage. It has already given me some hope in just a few days.

  23. Love all the blogs.. but just had to chose only 5.. best of luck all great mommies πŸ™‚

  24. Reasons Mommy is hilarious. Their Facebook page is also too funny. Keep up the great work!! Is it too early for this Mum to have a cocktail…??!

  25. Reasons Mommy Drinks keeps me laughing with every single line! It’s a genius way to look at parenting through the eyes of the hot and honest!

  26. “Reason Mommy Drinks” is smart, funny and a blog that every parent and even non parents can relate to.

  27. Jen Farr’s Kitchen Counter Chronicles is a fun, entertaining, thoughtful, enthusiastic and warm place in which to be… cooking, crafting, learning, designing, exploring and capturing heartfelt memories for all generations. Bravo Jen!

  28. Reasons Mommy Drinks rocks!! Go Fiona and Lyranda!! You’re writing is fresh, hilarious and makes me think …’okay, i’m not going crazy’ when it comes to mom-hood!!!! Go ladies go!!!

  29. Reasons Mommy Drinks may be one of the best blogs I’ve read, period. It is witty, funny, and dripping with undeniably truthful insights that leave me smiling after every read.