Spinning and Yoga at Spynga

Over the holidays, many of us tend to overindulge. When the New Year rolls around, we make all sorts of promises about getting fit and sticking to a workout routine. The gyms are packed in January with new members, but by mid-February enthusiasm starts to wane. Over the next little while, I’ll be reviewing a number of gyms to help you make informed fitness choices, avoid dropping out and keep your New Year’s resolutions.

The Space

My first visit was to spynga to experience their signature Super spyngaFlow class, a 75-minute class of spinning and yoga in tandem. The spynga studio is located on the 3rd floor of a nondescript office building on Bathurst Street, just south of St. Clair Avenue. When you walk through the door to spynga, it does not feel like you are entering a gym. You check in and then take a seat in the lounge, which feels like a cozy living room or someone’s study. There are two studios, the yoga room and the spynga room. My class took place in the spynga room, which consisted of about 30 indoor cycling bikes and a separate area where the yoga mats were set up. The floors were hardwood and the room was lit with crystal chandeliers.

The Class — Super spyngaFlow

The first part of the class was on the spinning bikes. We warmed up and stretched on the bike with our eyes closed as Casey, the instructor and co-owner, asked us to bring our hands to our hearts in prayer and set an intention for the class. The main focus of the spinning portion was strengthening the core. We cycled through an energetic playlist of the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Drake and Alanis Morissette. As the music changed, we alternated between heavy climbs, sprints and sequences that had us sitting, standing and leaning over the handlebars. After 45 intense minutes of cycling, we cooled down to U2, revisiting the intentions we set at the beginning of the class.

yin yoga, spynga studio, fitness

The lights went out, candles were lit and we moved to the mats for 25 minutes of yin yoga. In yin yoga you hold the poses for longer periods of time, allowing you to move beyond the muscles and target the connective tissue.  As we held our poses, the instructor spoke to us about using our imagination and taking risks outside our comfort zones. Listening helped keep the focus on the yoga practice, rather than the  distractions of everyday life that waited outside the studio doors. The class provided a great cardio workout, lots of stretching and some nurturing of the soul.

The Programs

Spynga offers a variety of classes — indoor cycling, yoga, spynga, weight and circuit training, children’s classes and pre and post natal classes. Spynga also offers various workshops and events throughout the year.

The Cost

There are a number of different pricing options. You can pay-as-you go, buy multiple class packages or monthly, quarterly or annual unlimited packages.


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1415 Bathurst Street, Toronto, 416-588-7796

Stay tuned for my next post when I visit Fit Factory Fitness for a bootcamp class taught by a former U.S. Marine.

Yoga photo: spynga