Kids Friendly Cafe: Playful Grounds

Moms in Toronto are screaming with joy because kid-friendly cafe Playful Grounds has opened. A simple yet elegant cafe located at 605 College Street, Playful Grounds is fun for kids and busy moms. Opened by Tera and Davina, two busy and energetic moms, they wanted to create a place with great food and lovely decor where moms can actually talk to each other while the kids are happily playing.

Kids Friendly Cafe means Moms Unite

kids friendly cafe, playful grounds

The moment you walk into Playful Grounds, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered a planet of women. Breastfeeding moms, giggling and happy moms, sit comfortably on black leather seats while their kids play with the toys, books, large train table and little kitchen  set up on one side of the cafe. Meeting a close friend and her daughter for coffee has been difficult because I usually have my 20-month-old in tow, and she’s not so keen on having my attention diverted if she has nothing to do. At  Playful Grounds, I sipped my coffee, ate my delicious chicken panini and caught up with a friend without any interruption. Seriously. My daughter was occupied for over an hour with the kids, wandering around the safe and spacious cafe while all of us moms grinned at each other, relishing the rare opportunity for female bonding.

Let’s Eat!

kids friendly cafe, playful grounds

A diverse menu that pleases both kids and adults, Playful Grounds offers bagels with lox, yogurt and granola, delicious cheeses, yummy sandwiches and a fantastic tofu dip that I sampled more than once. And for the kids, they have pizzas, nutella with banana sandwiches, yogurt, grilled cheese and so much more. Oh yeah — they also serve alcohol and will have a patio come summer.

Happy Moms Make Happy Kids

Sure, you can take your kids to a restaurant or cafe, but how many times have you found yourself changing a diaper on a cold, dirty floor? Or apologizing to everyone around you for the food on the floor/sudden tantrum/ spilled juice? Playful Grounds makes it easy for you to be a happy mom, and that is invaluable. Their main floor bathrooms have both little and tall stools at each sink, a change table is available in the larger bathroom, many highchairs and boosters, spare bibs, sippy cups and bowls, dairy and non dairy drinks, small drinking cups, plenty of space for strollers, and should you forget anything (like that diaper you suddenly desperately need), for $1, you can purchase many of the essentials that get left behind in the mad dash out the door. Having a place to take your kids and spend time with friends for even an hour can recharge even the most frazzled of moms. Tera and Davina have put their passion and energy into making more than a playgym and something better than a cafe.

Featured photo and boy with train courtesy of Playful Grounds

Playful Grounds

605 College Street, Toronto, 416-645-0484  Ι Facebook Ι Twitter


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