Exercises for mom and baby at Fitmom

Like most first time moms I know, I was worried about getting back my waist line and fitting back into my favourite pair of jeans before I even gave birth to my son.

After my six-week postpartum check-up, I was ready to hit the gym.  Except, if you’re like me, you probably haven’t set foot in a gym in a long time.  I do however love exercise classes.  I heard about Fitmom, which has locations all over Toronto and surrounding area, and I immediately signed-up for a class offered in my neighborhood. excercises for mom and baby, fitmom

For moms and their babes

excercises for mom and baby, fitmomThe Fitmom classes are designed for new mothers in mind.  With baby in tow, you exercise while your little-one enjoys some play time, tummy time, or catches up on their zzzz’s.  If your baby is fussy, or if you want to challenge your work-out, you can put your baby in a baby carrier and continue on.  The instructor is also very helpful at attending to the babies that are crying.  There is definitely a focus on giving the moms a full hour’s workout, even though sometimes you welcomed your crying baby as a nice “break”.

The workout

Fitmom offers a variety of different pre- and postnatal classes.  I signed up for the Fitmom + Baby class.   The classes are structured in a boot camp format, encompassing both cardio and weights.  After a warm-up run,  the class begins with some serious aerobic workouts including lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, plank, mountain climbers and burpees.  Using weights, we worked on our back, shoulder, biceps and triceps.  The full-body workouts will definitely help you shed the weight while getting stronger.

Never get bored

I loved that the instructor changed up the exercises weekly and no class was ever the same.  It definitely helped keep things interesting and ensured we wouldn’t plateau.  And as summer rolled around, the classes were moved to the great outdoors.

No excuses mom!

As a first-time mom, it’s hard not to feel guilty about leaving your baby home while you do something for yourself.  Fitmom provides all moms with a great opportunity to get back in shape while bonding with your baby.  It’s also a great way to meet other mothers from your area who share common interests as you.

I highly recommend this class to all new moms no matter what your fitness level is.  The instructor will work with you based on your level and needs.  You really have nothing to lose, other than your waist.

excercises for mom and baby, fitmom

For more information on locations, prices and class schedules, check out: www.fitmomcanada.com

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