A New Kind of Food Guide: Menu Confidential

Toronto Star readers should be very excited about Megan Ogilvie’s new book, Menu Confidential as it follows the same format as her column The Dish where she demystifies fast food and common quick fix foods found in grocery stores, corner stores and more. Toronto moms should also consider this a staple read when gearing up for back-to-school as it’s a very helpful guide to making smarter choices when eating out.

Returning to school often means excitement for parents and also a change of routine. Outside of school many children are busy with sports and extra curricular activities that make it challenging for parents to have time to prepare healthy meals every day and eating on the go can become a necessary evil. Not to fear, Megan Ogilvie is here to guide you through the good, the bad and sometimes ugly of what’s really in fast food.

How does Megan uncover what’s really in the food we eat out? She sends it to a lab for testing and the results don’t lie. In Menu Confidential Megan doesn’t just scare us with how bad some fast food really is, rather she gives lots of suggestions about how to make simple substitutions (Tim Horton’s isn’t out just choose 3 timbits instead of a donut).

One of Megan’s top fast food tips is: “I try to encourage people to eat smaller portions and with fast food that often means ordering from the kids menu which should be enough food to satisfy your hunger, even for a grown man.”

If you live in Toronto and travel within Canada, you’ll see that Megan has analyzed the nutritional value in some ‘classic’ Canadian foods from across the country such as beaver tails and poutine.

We highly recommend Megan Ogilvie’s new book Menu Confidential and would love to know how useful you find it too, so drop us a line and let us know or join our conversation on Facebook to share your new tips from Menu Confidential.


Melissa Bessey

Toronto Mom Now City Manager Melissa Bessey is an entertainment journalist, publicist and an active urban mother of three. She is an accomplished professional visual artist and graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her areas of expertise include arts and culture, education and parenting. Melissa's writing, editing and photography have appeared in BlogTO, The National Post, Women`s Post, 24hrs, Exclaim, Sway Magazine and more.

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