2012’s 30 Top Mom Blogs of Toronto: 7-12

You nominated some great choices for our 2012 Ultimate Toronto Mom Bloggers. Now before we ask you to vote on your favourite, we’ll be introducing you to the 30 top nominees over the week. This week say hello to:

Erica Berman of Tales of a Thirty Something Nothing 2010

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Erica is a mom of two girls, 3 and 6, and lives in Toronto with her children and husband, Adam. Erica graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Exercise Sciences. She has worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 20 years, and had a full-time career in research until 2009. After experiencing a miscarriage and infertility, Erica was inspired to become an infertility counselor. Erica enjoys sharing her struggles with parenting and her knowledge about fitness, nutrition and mental health and hopes to expand public knowledge about infertility.

Laura Watt of Cubits Organics

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This is Laura Watt, an artist, gardener, and general maker of things who works along with her film making husband whom she met at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She works from Home & Garden in Toronto, blogging at www.cubitsorganics.com and selling heirloom seeds online at www.cubits.etsy.com. Laura’s family is joined by her toddler daughter, a big white dog & two naughty kittens who have declared war on her garden. They are expecting their second child in September.

Diana Mancuso of Toronto Teacher Mom

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By day, Diana is a full-time French teacher. At home, she is a multi-tasking wife and a mother to two darling children. Born and raised in Hamilton, she moved to Toronto in 2004 and began blogging while on maternity leave with her first-born in 2006. Her motto: Dance like everybody’s watching. Blog like there are no chores left to do. Sing like there’s nobody listening. And eat chocolate like it’s heaven on earth.

Katie of Little Miss Kate

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Kate is a GTA Mom who is learning how to juggle her growing family with her downtown 9 to 5 while living in the 905. Her blog, Little Miss Kate, grew from a chronicle of her parenting adventures into sharing some of her favorite kitchen creations, natural parenting tips, helpful product reviews, ‘shop local’ features, and exciting product giveaways. Kate is the proud Mama to one very active little boy (AC) with baby #2 on the way (November 2012).

Akheela Hisham of TorView Toronto

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Akheela started a private blog for fun so she could record her recipes and family activities. After a few months her family encouraged her to make the blog public. Akheela has met many like-minded people online who have encouraged her to keep sharing posts related to food and family. Her blog Torview Toronto is focused on food from different ethnic backgrounds. Akheela also blogs on Create With Mom about crafts, fun activities, gardening, travel, events, projects and products related to home/family.

Terri Krajden of Babylish Advice

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Terri loves to give advice (that is, wanted advice) and she has a real love for shopping. It was all put on hold after her son was deemed colicky and she barely left her house. Terri’s purchases were hiring whomever she could and buying whatever she could to help settle him and looking back she says she had the experience of a lifetime. Today, she has been able to continue her love of shopping, turning her house into the new Toys R Us and passing along any advice as to what helped her along the way.

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