2012’s 30 Top Mom Blogs of Toronto: 25-30

You nominated some great choices for our 2012 Ultimate Toronto Mom Bloggers. Now before we ask you to vote on your favourite, we’ll be introducing you to the 30 top nominees over the week. This week say hello to:

Sara Pacella of Multiple Momstrosity

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Sara is a Toronto based writer and mom who explores the darkly comic side of parenthood as she raises and writes about her new life with her fraternal infant twins Molly & Jack (aka the minions) on her blog Multiple Momstrosity. Sara fights and writes about her attempt to find family/life balance and that there is in fact life after mom.

Sharon DeVellis of Speed Skating Mom

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Sharon signed up her son for speed skating against her better judgment—the combination of razor sharp blades and need for femoral arteries didn’t seem to mesh. Then she saw her first live race and was captivated. So much so that she decided to try it herself even though she had only skated three times in her adult life. Now she’s chronicling the hot flailing mess that is her journey to learn this sport. She’s no longer allowed to Google ‘short track speed skating accidents’.

Heather Hamilton of Telling My Story

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Heather has been a wife for 11 years to her amazing husband, Paul and mommy to three beautiful sons; Ty, Jayden and Zackie. After the loss of her little Zack, she is finding inspiration in giving back to the community that supported him and her family. Raising money for Zack’s Dream Room, writing her blog and spending time with her two boys is where she is finding joy in every day. As a speaker at #140ConfONT she was honoured to tell her story about how Twitter had helped her get through the days after Zack died.

Meri Temudo of Lil Sugar

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Known online as ‘lil-sugar’, Meri is a wife and mother of two. She has a background in graphic design and design editorial. She is an OCAD graduate and a freelance designer for numerous brands. Meri is passionate about art, fashion, social media and creativity. She has been blogging for about a year under her beloved lil-sugar.ca, an online blog for parents, by parents. Meri excels on all social media platforms. If she is not blogging, she’s writing, connecting or socializing.

Sarah Lynn of YYZ Bambina Blog

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Welcome to the YYZ Bambina Blog written by Sarah Lynn who is currently on mat leave with her first child, Hannah. Her boyfriend Chris and her black cat Booyah complete the family (at least for now!). Sarah’s educational and work background includes journalism, public relations and marketing. Her blog provides product reviews, places to go, and general musings on what it’s like to be a mom of an amazing daughter.

Ana Klizs of Blue Bird Kisses

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Ana searched for weeks for the perfect baby inspiration blog to provide her with chic, beautiful ideas to help her prepare for her son’s upcoming arrival, but was unsuccessful. She decided to start her own blog with the look, feel and content of all the things that she loved about pregnancy, baby life and style. She absolutely loves what she does and this blog for her is a labor of love.


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