2012’s 30 Top Mom Blogs of Toronto: 13-18

You nominated some great choices for our 2012 Ultimate Toronto Mom Bloggers. Now before we ask you to vote on your favourite, we’ll be introducing you to the 30 top nominees over the week. This week say hello to:

Dara Duff-Bergeron of Fit Family

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Dara Duff-Bergeron is one of Toronto’s most well-known personal trainers and women’s fitness experts. She knows whether you’re a new mom struggling to make time to get back into shape or a busy executive juggling work and family, fitness has to be convenient and effective. Dara uses her position as mentor and teacher to help women craft a balance between their fitness potential and the other demands on their time. She is mommy to one exuberant toddler and one kindergartner.

Haley Overland of Cheaty Monkey

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Haley is from Toronto, Canada, has two kids, two cats, a dog, and a husband of almost 10 years. She is a very proud Writer/Editor at TodaysParent.com. As their celebrity family news blogger, she has been a featured “expert” on eTalk TV, and has interviewed A-listers like Jennifer Garner, Alyson Hannigan and Martin Short. Haley also works as a social media consultant, freelance writer and editor.

Tal Srulovicz of clubmom

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From making nutritious meals in 3 simple steps to clever crafts, dealing with temper tantrums in grocery stores or figuring out how to wear this season’s newest fashions, clubmom bloggers provide actionable, how-to content that is easy for the busiest mom to follow. The clubmom.ca blog is always witty, never boring. It’s the ultimate destination for GTA moms! Launched by Tal Srulovicz, a mom to three kids with a background in law and non-profit, clubmom is a resource and savings program for mothers in, and around, the GTA – their main feature being their annual discount card!

Ms. A of Rescuing My Marriage

This blog is an honest look at the journey and struggle of a woman recovering from the devastation of her husband’s affair where a child was conceived, and the personal stories of how she is saving her family, and her marriage. Readers feel truly connected to her blog, knowing that she reads the comments, cares about them, and wants to help others. It is truly a social network to support women who are going through similar struggles and need an outlet to share their thoughts.

Heather Greenwood Davis of Globe Trotting Mama

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A year ago days for Heather consisted of making school lunches, working, going to school, wondering what to make for dinner, driving from karate practice to swimming practice to soccer practice before collapsing in bed. And in the moments in between she wondered if there was more to life. Heather is now living her passion. She is an award-winning travel writer who is taking a trip around the world with her husband and son so she can freelance about the places they travel.

Jenn Farr of Kitchen Counter Chronicles

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Jen is a stay-at-home mom to 2 beautifully intelligent, little girls. She’s married to a funny, supportive man who she started dating when she was a teenager! Jen has decided to share her family’s adventures in crafting, baking, gardening and greening of their lives in this blog. She lives in a fantastic neighbourhood in Toronto, and she loves her city…spending time outdoors exploring and indoors with her family. Jen feels if you are anything like her, everything in your life lands on your kitchen counter!





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