2012’s 30 Top Mom Blogs of Toronto: 1-6

You nominated some great choices for our 2012 Ultimate Toronto Mom Bloggers. Now before we ask you to vote on your favourite, we’ll be introducing you to the 30 top nominees over the week. This week say hello to:

Lisa Thornbury of Forever in Mom Genes

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee

After her youngest child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Lisa left her teaching job to work at home as a freelance writer. Her blog began as a way to keep family and friends informed about her daughter’s progress. Soon other parents of children with special needs reached out and she realized she wasn’t alone. Lisa continues to share her family’s stories; sometimes serious, often silly, but always sincere.

Maya Fitzpatrick of Mayahood

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee

Maya resides in Danforth Toronto with her husband and toddler son.  She is on an extended leave from work to be a stay-at-home mom and CEO of all things Kyle (her son). Besides taking over 400 pictures a month to document her son’s life, she has started a blog documenting the ups and downs of all things motherhood.  She hopes that others can relate to her experiences so no one will feel alone as they embark on the great adventures of parenthood.

Melanie Lam of Melanie OTG

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Melanie is a mother to a very active preschooler and toddler. She LOVES taking her “little monsters” out to explore new places and experience new things, partly for learning, partly for some adventure, and partly to tire them out for a good nap!  She blogs about their trips out, offers tons of ideas for things to do in and around Toronto with kids, and Melanie has added a fun and interactive tool so you can share your thoughts about places you’ve been!

Erica Ashmore of Everything Mom and Baby

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Erica started her blog in January, 2010. It all began with a recipe and a love to share information on everything and anything with her parenting style and interests such as using cloth diapers, babywearing and organic, healthy living. Being a product junkie, Erica now does a lot of reviews, giveaways and helps support local businesses. She thanks blogging for helping her along the way in creating her own business, Everything Mom and Baby Shop which launched November, 2010.

Deborah Coombs of Raising My Boys

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee







Deborah is a busy mom, step-mom, wife, friend, and 9-5 worker, just trying to keep it all together.  When she finds some time for herself, she enjoys gardening, reading, and online connecting.  Her time with the kids is ideally spent outdoors, exploring nature and enjoying the fresh air, but is more often spent coercing them off of the electronics. Such is modern family life in a tech household. Deborah has been blogging about her life’s challenges and joys at RaisingMyBoys.net since 2009.

Andrea Traynor of Mommy Gearest

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Andrea is the founder of Mommy Gearest – a baby and kid-gear product and service review site – and is committed to helping busy parents spend their hard-earned money wisely. Andrea works part-time at a PR agency. She has a little boy who’s nearly four and likes to talk about his privates – a lot – and a 16-month-old girl who believes her mommy’s boobies exist only for her, much to Andrea’s husband’s disappointment. Andrea’s latest hobby is the two-to-one nap transition.

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  1. Yay, I am thrilled and excited to be amongst some fabulous bloggers here!
    I look forward to finding more local blogs to follow as well.


  2. I’m so excited to be included in this. There are so many talented mom bloggers in the GTA. Good fun. Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much to Toronto Mom Now for including Mommy Gearest. You know, it’s really true when those Oscar nominees say that it’s just an honour to be nominated. 🙂

  4. WOW thank you so much for including me!!! I’m very excited to be part of this! Will check out other mom bloggers to follow 🙂