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Photographer in Toronto Josée CazaPortraits by Josée is a boutique studio that specializes in the photography of everything young-family related, from teenie little newborn toes to crinkled little toddler noses.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I chose to make my life about family photography because I wanted the opportunity to freeze in time the best things in life: love, joy and family. And I wanted to show people that there is a natural and authentic way to capture families and children to create soulful photography.

How would you characterize your style?

My style is bright and clean, spirited and loving. I strive to create portraits that feel like a flash of love and joy. I want my work to feel natural, easy and beautiful. And most importantly, I want my work to make my clients see the love and joy they feel when they are with their children.

Who are your clients and what should they expect?

My clients are tightly knit families that know that life’s greatest treasures are the relationships they share with each other. They appreciate art and authenticity. They don’t like posing because it’s a plasticky, weird thing to do.

Anything else to share?

My clients have moments when they’re hugging or kissing their children and think “Gosh…I wish I had that on film.” And what they should expect when they’re working with me is just that; to have love captured on film.

Portraits by Josée | Facebook | Twitter: @missjosee

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  1. Not a client, YET. I can’t wait to work with Josée. Amazing pictures, superb photographer, great website, phenomenal work! I want her present at all my big life changing events.

  2. Josee is a true artist! She is able to capture those beautiful little moments of love, appreciation, joy and pure happiness that we often feel but can not see. With Josee’s photographs the emotions are clear, real and beautiful. Thanks Josee for all of your amazing work.

  3. My family and I have been so happy with all of Josee’s work. The kids have such an amazing time getting their pictures done, that as soon as we leave, my older one asks me “when we can come back? let’s go back tomorrow”. Josee captures the moments in such an easy and natural way that until you actually see the pictures you don’t believe that any serious work was done amongst all that fun…but it was 🙂 You will be amazed.

  4. She really captures the personality of the individual and their mood on the day which is the essence of a photograph!!!

  5. When we first saw an example Josee’s work hanging in the window of a local children’s clothing store four years ago we were captivated. Simple, unstructured, natural – the baby in the picture looked as if they were caught by an invisible lens. It was unlike anything we’d seen before.

    When our son was born, we knew without question that we wanted Josee to capture his early years with us. And so began a relationship that has yielded priceless treasures captured in time. It is a point of pride for us when we are told by friends and family that Josee’s photographs do not look like family pictures – this is exactly why we chose her: To have our family “illustrated”, not “negotiated” into forced, false poses. In other words, family artwork.

    Josee has natural talent and a personality that makes this effortless, engaging your child so their personality naturally comes out while she unobtrusively snaps frame after frame. Her technique has given us photos we’d never have been able to do on our own nor received from another photographer.

  6. We love working with Josee. You really have to have a gift to be a successful children’s photographer. Josee is great at engaging our children. She basically just gets them in a giggling, silly mood and then starts snapping photos. They are barely aware that the camera is there. Our middle child is extremely shy and Josee was able to coax her out of her shell and get some wonderful photos.
    The studio is wonderful – bright, open, airy. Lots of room for running and playing!