Kid friendly dining: Magic Oven, A Healthy Family Restaurant on the Danforth

Every mom reaches a point when the thought of cooking another family dinner makes her want to pull out every hair on her head one-by-one. When this happens to me, I like take my little one to a Toronto family restaurant, and Magic Oven on the Danforth is one of my favourites. Magic Oven offers a healthier alternative to traditional fast food options, a welcoming atmosphere for families of all types, and a delicious selection of fresh food.

A Slice of Pizza Please

The featured pizzas section of the menu at Magic Oven includes a variety of  healthy and unique choices. There are so many delectable vegetarian options. Some of the most appetizing are:

  • Yogi Magic: tomato sauce, organic mozzarella, roasted garlic, sliced tomato, and basil;
  • Tandoori Potato Magic: ginger tomato sauce, green chilies, tandoori sweet potatoes, red onions, light organic mozzarella, and cilantro; 
  • Garlic Lover’s Magic: olive oil, garlic, spinach, roasted rainbow peppers, roasted garlic and feta cheese.

Even the most devoted carnivore could probably be persuaded to forgo meat for one of the yummy veggie options. If meat is a must, however, the menu also includes a nice selection of chicken and meat pizzas. Our family favourite hands down is the Double Hawaiian Magic, which comes with organic bacon, parma prosciutto, roasted coconut, tomato sauce, organic mozzarella and fresh pineapple.  If you can’t find anything in the featured pizza section to suit your fancy, create your own pizza by choosing from a variety of fresh toppings.

More Than Just Pizza

Magic Oven is not just about pizza though. Its menu offers a variety of food choices. Try something lighter from the soup and small plate section. Don’t miss the herb potato wedges, free range chicken wings and warm goat cheese dip. A number of salads and grilled ciabatta sandwiches are also available.  The pesto chicken with asiago sandwich never fails to please, while the tandoori chicken sandwich adds a little spice for the more adventurous eater. An extensive choice of pasta can also be found on the menu. There are so many excellent pastas, it’s hard to pick favourites, but the hearty spaghetti with organic meat sauce is always a hit with my little one, while I prefer the Thai chicken penne. For the more health conscious eater, there are a number of pasta dishes like, legume and whole grain penne, as well as organic spelt rotini with steamed kale, edamame and garlic in olive oil.

Commitment and Passion

Owners Tony and Abby Sabherwal founded Magic Oven in 1997 with a passion and commitment to healthy, local and fresh foods. Magic Oven offers organic choices, as well as gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan options. The food is also prepared without unnecessary additives and preservatives, making Magic Oven a stress-free choice for the diet conscious mommy, concerned about giving her kids the healthiest food possible. Tony and Abby also have a commitment to preserving our natural resources. Menus and pizza boxes are made from recycled paper and cardboard, furniture and fixtures are reclaimed or recycled, and plastic bags are made from biodegradable materials. The next time you’re in need of a break from the meal making grind, head to Magic Oven on the Danforth for a lovely dinner with the family. Other Magic Oven locations can be found throughout the city: in the Annex at 270 Dupont Street, in Liberty Village at 127 Jefferson Avenue, Downtown at 6 Wellesley Street West, and in Corktown at 360 Queen Street East.

Magic Oven

798 Danforth Avenue, (416) 868-6836


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