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Photographer in Toronto Molly Crealock headshotMolly Crealock is a photographer and mother who has worked and exhibited in Toronto for the past 14 years. Her portrait sessions involve either location settings and natural light, or backdrops and professional lights. Her photographs have been printed in local and national publications and she has been Chief Photographer at Dandyhorse Magazine (Toronto on Two Wheels) since 2008.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I took my first picture when I was eight. It was a smoky blue Volkswagen Beetle, shot from above. That was all I needed to begin. I keep on because so much of what I know personally, politically and aesthetically is unseen, and I want to change that.

How would you characterize your style?

“She takes on the visceral, human elements of the subject/photographer relationship and delivers honest, finely composed images, paying close attention to the natural play of colours within the frame.”

Who are your clients and what should they expect?

My clients are wide ranging. I work very well with characters who are pleased to be themselves and open to letting me into their worlds. Children are good at this as are artists, dreamers, secret fashion models and grandmas who have earned their lines.

Anything else to share?

I aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible in my work, which includes traveling by cargo bike and printing photographs on natural fibre, archival papers.

Molly Crealock Photography | Facebook | Twitter: @mollycrealock

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